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Pogo Games Support NumberIn the event that your Pogo deviation is too huge or extremely little, making it difficult to fit the screen measure, altering your screen resolve should let the enjoyment show as the right size.

Our group knows about an issue in Pogo regeneration, their window, and little screens.

In the event that you play an enjoyment that uses a vast gaming window, for example, Puck’s Peak, Flower Confusion, and Risk, you’d jump at the chance to assurance that your change window can fit on your screen.

Follow the stages below to change your screen resolution.

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  • Instructions for Windows XP users
  • Right-click on the Desktop and click on Properties.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Find the Screen Resolution bar, and drag the slider to at least 800 by 600.

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If you still have resolution errors

Call helpline number+1-855-876-6657(Toll-free)

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