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Configuring Java in Your Web Browser to Play Pogo Games

While playing online games on Pogo the users might face some issues such as Unable to install Java and they need some support for the same. We are providing a solution for the issues with some instructions and the users are required to follow it very strictly  and if they failed to do so then they have another option to resolve the issue through Pogo tech support number +1-855-876-6657 where our technicians will assist them in resolving the issue. Most of the Pogo Games are based on Java thus it is essential to have Java properly configured to play Pogo games online. Hence, let’s discuss how to configure Java in your browser to play Pogo Games. If you find it difficult to perform these things step by step, we suggest you to contact Pogo Customer Service Number +1-855-876-6657 for further instructions.

Configuring Java for Pogo Games on Windows:

Configure Java in Mozilla: 

  • Initially, the users have to visit to Tools menu from those select Add-ons.
  • Tap on the Plug-ins button on the left.
  • Search for the Java Platform plug-in and tap on Enable button.

Configure Java for Pogo Games in IE (Internet Explorer)

For versions 6, 7, and 8:

  • In IE, go to Tools menu, and then prefer Internet Options.
  • Tap on the advanced tab icon.
  • Drag to the Java and ensure that it is chosen

Now, close all the browsers and then restart again. Detailed instructions for older Internet Explorer are also available in Pogo Tech Support section on Pogo website.

For versions 9 and 10:  

  • In the Internet Explorer 9 and 10, go to Tools Menu and then select Manage ass-on.
  • After that, choose all add-ons from dropdown box “Show”.
  • Drag to the Sun Microsystems, Inc. or Oracle America and ensure that every Java based permissions are on active.
  • Finally, close the Manage add-ons and then restart your IE browsers.

Configure Java For Pogo Games in Google Chrome:    

  • In the Chrome browser click on menu and then select settings.
  • And then, go to “Advanced settings”, which is present in the bottom of the page as in a link form.
  • After that, in the Privacy part, tap on the button “Content settings”.
  • Drag you mouse to the Plug-ins part and tap on Disable individual plug-ins link.
  • Finally drag for the java zone and tap on enable link.
  • And finally, restart the browser to finish the process.


As we have observed that the users face some issue related to java installation while playing online games on Pogo. The users are required to follow the instructions to resolve the issue and if they couldn’t do that then we have one more option to resolve the issue through Pogo Technical Support Phone Number +1-855-876-6657 where they will be assisted by our technicians 24×7.

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